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1965 Fender Princeton Fresh Fuseholders and Mains Inlet Installed Fresh Fuseholders and Mains Inlet Exterior View Marshall Valvestate Overdrive Wave

I Repair

  • Marshall
  • Fender
  • Vox
  • Selmer
  • Hiwatt
  • Simms-Watts
  • Ashdown
  • Laney
  • Wem
  • etc, all catered for
  • More or less anything running valves (tubes)

Moniaive based servicing for tube amps in D&G and beyond

Valve Amp Specialist

Valve / Tube Amp Repairs, Mods, Tone Improvement & PAT Testing.

Vintage & modern valve amplifier and associated equipment. Servicing, repairs, recaps, valve replacement, biasing, noise reduction (hum, pops/crackles, hissing), restoration, modifications, kit builds etc.

Urgent "while you wait" repairs are sometimes possible... it costs a bit extra, but might get you out of a fix!

JJ6L6 GC Valve

Some of the items over the bench in 2019

  • Leak Stereo 20
  • Croft Series 3 R
  • WEM Westminster
  • Friedman SB50
  • Graaf power amp
  • Yaqin preamp
  • Blackstar Artisan
  • Yaqin MC5881
  • Blaupunkt Askansas Stereogram
  • Dahlquist LP1
  • Fender Blackface Vibro-Champ
  • various Marshalls

What I do

I work with owners to get the most, tone-wise, out of your amp e.g. silverface Fender amps from the seventies can be much improved and brought closer to the sixties sound with some careful attention.

I was around when these contraptions were devised, so I know what they sounded like new (or what they were meant to sound like).

Quality control was not an exact science back then and good sound can be due to good luck, but it can also be wrung from old smelly boxes of antique components (with the addition of appropriate new parts etc).

Get the amp right, and the rest is up to you and your fingers!

If you prefer, I'll do a straightforward repair to get it working. Take your pick.

Mods & Pro Tweaks

Reliability mods are useful for heavily gigged/touring amps. This involves removing certain inbuilt physical weaknesses from amps, rendering them less likely to break down under heavy use.

Most of these weaknesses involve inadequately fixed or specified wires/components, and solder. To cure solder related issues, such as input jacks on Fender Hot Rods, I have a stock of "Almit SJ7" solder, designed for aerospace & military use. Toughest solder I have come across, never had it break.

Other Stuff

I also work on hi-fi amplifiers, transistor amps and copicats, but I do not get involved with computer chips.

Pedal mods especially wah mods are available. Generally these are to the musicians particular taste... You don't go to this kind of bother without a reason. Please ask.

PAT Testing

All amps worked on get PAT tested as a proof of safety before return to customer.

I also cater for other PAT testing requirements beyond the music industry. Please contact me for details.

No Fix, No Fee

If I cannot repair any particular item due to its nature (or mine), such as some modern thing stuffed with microprocessors, then there is no charge. No fix = no fee. However if I assess a job on the bench, with a stripdown, and the carrying out of work is declined, a charge for my time applies.